Walking around is not necessary to hatch the egg

Walking around is not necessary to hatch the egg

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Pokémon Go is a game full of fun and challenges. Of course you have to walk a lot to catch the Pokémon and thus some lazy players often buy Pokémon Go account so that they don’t have to walk around to catch the Pokémon.

But, there are some tips that you can follow to hatch the egg without walking instead of opting out to buy Pokémon Go account and play it safe. If you encounter a Pokémon egg, you may discover the distance that you need to walk to hatch that egg. There are eggs with 2-5 and 10 km distance for which you need to travel that distance to hatch the eggs.

There are some small mechanisms that detect movement. As long as you can make your app think that you are moving, it will automatically add to the total distance travelled in kms. Yes, Pokémon Go tries can detect the movement if you speed up your movement to hatch the egg by car and travel 10 kms, then the car is quite fast.

It is better to hop on a bicycle and take a slow ride. If you think the GPS signal is weak in your location try to open the game many times to gain some fractions of distance in at least meters.

You can also move your device back and forth to play a trick with the game to think that you are moving. If you possess a Roomba, get one of them and connect it to your phone. Clean it and hatch the Pokémon eggs without making any movement. So, now you must have got a clear idea that you don’t have to move fast as the app can track your movements and play a trick to let the app think that you are walking.

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