Risks and Rewards for choosing a start up over a job

Many college graduates often choose a start up over a job looking at the growing unemployment rate in USA.  If you are planning to choose a start over a regular job than you should consider some risks and rewards associated with your decision. Of course, people like Patrick Mackaronis also opted to start their own business venture and got really successful in what they chose to do.

It is because of the right goal and vision that successful entrepreneurs like Patrick Mackaronis could establish their online business venture successfully. Let us look at some risk and rewards associated with choosing a start up over a normal job.

Risk: You will not get a high payment

When you apply to start up like small businesses, you can expect to draw a low salary as most start ups are not highly funded businesses and your salary depends on their stocks.

Reward: You may also get a huge monetary gain.

Once the start up is successful, you can get handsome financial rewards and you could easily make good money. Even if you are at entry level you still can become rich.

Risk: You will have to work for long hours

Start ups do not consider the balance between your professional and personal life.  As they have a few employees the workload can be more. You may need to work for long hours, work in night shifts, on weekends in case the client wants the product to be delivered within a tight deadline.

Reward: Your resume will have diversified experience

Start ups mostly do not have any specific profile descriptions and with a few employees they expect you do learn everything which helps you extend your skill set and include in your resume.


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