How to Judge the Quality of an E-Liquid?

How to Judge the Quality of an E-Liquid?

An e-cigarette is the new trend that is taking the market by storm. If you have to get the best vaping experience, choosing best e juice is very important. This might seem like a simple task but it is not so in reality. You will have to choose from a wide array of options.

Judging the quality of e-liquids can also be pretty difficult. Here are some things that you need to do to check the quality of an e-liquid.

Take a Good at the E-Liquid

This is not only about how the liquid appears when it is in the bottle, motionless. You have to take a closer look, shake the bottle, and thereafter look again. When the liquid is agitated it might reveal some hidden aspects.

After taking a close look, if you find things floating in the e-liquid then you need to return the bottle of e-liquid to the retailer. If the e-liquid you have chosen is unusually cloudy then it might not be of a good quality. This might be using a low-quality nicotine solution or some artificial coloring.

Smell Before Tasting

Flavor is the main element of an ejuice. You need to know that the taste element begins with your nose and electronic cigarettes are no exception. This is the reason you need to take some hearty sniff of the e-liquid to get to know about the quality and flavor of the e-liquid. If the e-liquid initially feels like a sticky and sweet candy then chances are it will taste the same.

If you want large clouds of vapor from fro e-cigarette, you have to choose the one that has a higher concentration of VG, while on the other hand if you want more throat hit then go for e-liquid with a higher concentration of PG.

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