Basic Components That You Need To Know of a Welding Helmet

Basic Components That You Need To Know of a Welding Helmet

If you are into the welding industry then you will definitely know that the welding arcs contain ultraviolet and infrared light rays that can cause damage to the eyes. Hence during the welding process, the welder needs to protect his/her eyes from the dangers of the arc radiation.

Wearing protective gears like welding helmets can help to protect the eyes from the fragments of the metals and the bright light that comes out during the welding process.

When it comes to welding you will obviously go for the best welding helmet that can provide safety as well as protection to the wearer. The best thing is to go for a welding helmet that covers the face, neck, ears, and the eyes.

If you are a professional welder you are well-acquainted with the welding helmets. But, in case you are a novice, then you must know about the different components of the welding helmets.

The basic components of all welding helmets are the same. They are listed below:

The Shell: most of the basic welding helmet shells are made up of nylon. It is good because it is lighter than fiberglass and is very durable. Professional welding helmets are made up of NORYL which is far better than nylon and can last long

The Lens: There are numerous welding helmet lens options available like the passive lens and the auto-darkening lens. The choice of the lens depends on the type of welding is going to be performed.

The Headgear: You will be glad to know that the best welding helmets are made with a ratchet suspension so that it can be quickly adjusted on the head of the welder with the help of a knob that is present at the back of the knob.

Before you plunge to buy a welding helmet make sure that it has these basic components and it meets your welding requirements.

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